(POD) Paths in Progress – Sage: Theater Major Becomes a Special Education Teacher

Paths in Progress “is a podcast that tells the stories of the people in a wide variety of career paths, who pursued all kinds of college majors and minors, often with bumps and detours.” Host, Carry Young, talks “specifically about what you can do in college to work towards your career goals, and what other factors can impact your choices throughout your education and career.”


Episode Summary:

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If you know Sage, you love her big heart and big personality, and you know she is at home on the stage.  Sage completed her degree in theater, and then began to audition in her hometown after graduation.  A chance teacher substitution gig landed her in a special education classroom, and the rest is history–she knew her calling. Not only did she stay in Special Education, but she completed her Masters degree and kept theater in her life in a meaningful way. On the surface, it may not sound like someone from the theater is a natural fit to teach special ed, but Sage describes how her background has completely informed her teaching and how she interacts with her students to show them love each day.  Join us for this truly inspiring story about how a journey, no matter how unexpected or winding, can perfectly prepare you for a fulfilling career.