(POD) Paths in Progress – Christy: Historian at the National Park Service

Paths in Progress “is a podcast that tells the stories of the people in a wide variety of career paths, who pursued all kinds of college majors and minors, often with bumps and detours.” Host, Carry Young, talks “specifically about what you can do in college to work towards your career goals, and what other factors can impact your choices throughout your education and career.”


Episode summary:

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Have you ever wondered how National Historic Landmarks earn their designation?  Who does the research? The proposal? Who makes those decisions? There are historians all over the country doing this important work to preserve the history of our country.  Christy tells us about her experience in one of these offices of the National Park Service, and her role in making a famous place a National Historic Landmark!  We talk about how a History degree can be beneficial to students, no matter what they pursue after graduation, and about the difficulty in leaving a “dream job” when life changes.  No matter your path, you’ll learn a lot from this episode–I know I did!