Finding Opportunities & Employers

In the resources below you’ll find resources for targeting employers by location and field, resources for learning about industry trends, recommended job search sites, and potential gap year experiences.


How do you talk about your future career? Being able to effectively describe where you’re going will help you to network in order to get there.


What is driving your career development? Is it location, pay, values, or something else? Explore labor trends based on what’s important to you.


How do you find an employer you’re excited about? Explore companies through multiple websites, connections, and news sources.

Consider two important factors to give direction and structure to your job search: 

  • Location – where are you headed?
    Examine the realistic opportunities in the cities/states/countries that you are interested in. Start with some of the resources below to learn more about the businesses, opportunities and industries for your targeted location.
  • Labor trends – where are the opportunities?
    Research top employers in your targeted career field. Look closely to find labor trends and economic growth indicators.


Career Resources

Utilizing a job search checklist can help you set specific deadlines for accomplishing your goals.

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