Choosing a Major and Exploring Careers

Need help with matching your career interest with possible majors? We can help! Through our resources below, our events, and one-on-one appointments our office can help you explore career options, identify your strengths and skills, and gain industry knowledge.


Reflect on what you are good at and what you enjoy doing to discover the skills you would enjoy using each day in a career.


How do the skills you enjoy fit into a career path? Explore potential career paths and confirm your interest through experiential opportunities like internships and labor.


What would it be like to have a career in ‘x’? Explore industry insights and labor market trends to learn about what lies ahead.



Career Resources

Find Your Meaningful Themes

Finding your meaningful themes is key to creating an exciting and effective career development plan. When we refer to “meaningful …

Understanding your strengths and areas for improvement is crucial as you discern major interests and career pathways. This awareness is …

Finding meaningful work that interests and excites you is an integral part of career discernment. Instead of falling into the …

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