Planning for Graduate School

The choice to pursue a graduate degree is an important decision. Depending on your career plans, it can help you reach a career goal that will require additional education beyond a bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree can help with earning potential, advancement, competitiveness, and entry into specialized professions. Explore resources to help you below.


What could you spend hours researching? In graduate school you’ll need to have a specific topic you’re passionate about exploring further.


Why do you want to go to graduate school and how will it help you in the future? Answering these questions will help you decide if it’s right for you.


Applying to graduate school is not the same as applying to a job. Learn how to create a CV, write a personal statement, and more.


Career Resources

Download this Excell sheet to help keep all your graduate school and program information organized!

A CV is a comprehensive overview of your academic achievements that differs from a resume in specific ways. Follow these …

During the graduate and professional school application process, you will likely be required to write a statement or essay. The …

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