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(POD) Paths in Progress – Sage: Theater Major Becomes a Special Education Teacher

Paths in Progress “is a podcast that tells the stories of the people in a wide variety of career paths, …

(POD) Paths in Progress – John: High School Theater Teacher, Composer, Writer

Paths in Progress “is a podcast that tells the stories of the people in a wide variety of career paths, …

Skill Building Tutorials

Learning Cubasis

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Do you want to learn more about Cubasis, the app for producing music on your iOS or Android device? In…

Sell Your Novel to a Major Publisher

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
You’ve written a book, and you’re excited to get it into readers’ hands. Selling your novel to a major publisher…

Effective Copywriting for Social Media

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
The right words can move your audience to act. But reliably finding those words—and fine-tuning them for posts on different…

Content Marketing: Podcasting for Business

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Podcasting is a great way to promote a brand or build a following. In this course, public relations and social…

Learning Adobe Creative Cloud

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can access the entire collection of Adobe software, including powerhouse design tools such as Photoshop,…

Script Writing for Nonfiction Video

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Content creators are producing more reality-based videos than ever before. Nonfiction video can promote advocacy, fundraising, training, and even “edutainment.”…

Logo Design: Techniques

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Logos are a critical part of the modern visual landscape. A good logo is simple, instantly recognizable, and comprised of…

Writing: The Craft of Story

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
In this course, author Lisa Cron digs into the craft of writing a compelling story based on what the brain…

Contracting for Creatives

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Media and entertainment companies spend billions of dollars every year on creative talent. In this course—specifically designed for creatives—professor, contract…