(POD) Paths in Progress – John: High School Theater Teacher, Composer, Writer

Paths in Progress “is a podcast that tells the stories of the people in a wide variety of career paths, who pursued all kinds of college majors and minors, often with bumps and detours.” Host, Carry Young, talks “specifically about what you can do in college to work towards your career goals, and what other factors can impact your choices throughout your education and career.”


Episode summary:

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As a high school teacher, John works with students every day and truly cares about his role as an educator. As an artist, John wears many hats: director, composer, writer, musician…the list goes on and on. In this episode, John shares his journey from his undergrad in music education and how studying with the great playwright Edward Albee changed the course of his life. John went from Texas to New York City and back again, all the while working various jobs and continuing to create artistic pieces of music, writing, and stage production, including several award winning operas.
See his complete bio at www.johngrimmett.com