(POD) Paths in Progress – Erin: PhD in Clinical Psychology, Ed. to French, Study Abroad and Teaching!

Paths in Progress “is a podcast that tells the stories of the people in a wide variety of career paths, who pursued all kinds of college majors and minors, often with bumps and detours.” Host, Carry Young, talks “specifically about what you can do in college to work towards your career goals, and what other factors can impact your choices throughout your education and career.”


Episode summary:

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We truly never know where our path will lead us. Erin began wanting to be a teacher, but changed her major to French, took a detour into Graphic Design, and then taught English for a year in France!  After returning to the states, she pursued her interest in Psychology, and now holds her PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in trauma and PTSD.  If you are interested in learning about what it takes to get your PhD in Clinical Psychology, this episode is for you!