Steps for Planning and Participating in an Internship for Academic Credit

Planning for a summer internship? Follow these 7 steps…
The Deadline for Summer 2024 Internship Proposals is April 12, 2024.

  1. Declare your intention to do a summer internship by completing the Internship Agreement any time before February 1st. You do not need to have an offer at this point. When the signed Agreement is received, you will be enrolled in the Internship Prep Course in Moodle.
  2. Complete all modules of the Internship Prep Course in Moodle any time before February 15th. You do not need to have an offer by this time. This is mandatory in order to be eligible to participate in a Summer 2024 internship, even if you have done an internship previously.
  3. Apply, Interview, Receive and Accept an Offer.
    • When you have received and accepted an offer (verbally or by email), ask your supervisor to submit the offer to Berea’s internship office and provide the link to the DocuSign Offer Form. It will come to you for your signature first, and once you sign it, you have made a commitment.
  4. Complete and submit the Internship Proposal in Handshake by April 12, 2024.
    • Enter the basic information from your offer into the Proposal, and work with your Faculty Sponsor to complete the rest of it.
    • If the internship in unpaid, you may request funding in Section #4 of your Internship Proposal; funding levels can be seen on
    • Upload the Proposal to Handshake after all revisions have been made, and it will be routed in sequence to each of your approvers (the internship site supervisor does not approve the proposal, but will receive a copy of it).
    • Late proposals will be accepted through the last day of classes, but any applicable funding will be delayed.
  5. Make travel and housing arrangements on your own.
    • Review the Housing Guide on for important tips, warnings, and links to possible housing providers in various cities.
    • If eligible for internship funding, funds are disbursed by direct deposit approximately 2 weeks after the proposal is approved in Handshake; this should be taken into consideration when making reservations and setting a start date for your internship.
  6. Attend the Internship Launch Party at 7:00 p.m. on April 18th in Baird Lounge.
  7. Participate in the Internship!
    • Complete academic assignments as specified in the Proposal.
    • Keep track of hours worked. This is not related to pay, so it must be done for both paid and unpaid positions. It provides documentation that you worked the hours you proposed for academic credit. You may use your employer’s time reporting system, if they have you clock-in and out, or our timesheet. If using our timesheet, ask your site supervisor to initial it each week as you go along, and give it to them at the end of your internship, keeping a copy for yourself. Your supervisor will use it to report the total number of hours you worked on the evaluation they submit to our office.
    • Complete the evaluation of your overall experience.
Download Steps (Printable Version)