Uncover Your Interests

Finding meaningful work that interests and excites you is an integral part of career discernment. Instead of falling into the trap of asking “what do I want to be (when I grow up)?”, I invite you to shift your focus to what interests you? What are you curious about and what is exciting to you? We explore your interests through creative brainstorming, creating colorful mind maps and vision boards to find the right balance between what you want to do and what’s possible. Schedule a Career Construction Interview appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member in Career Development to explore your interests, mission, passion, and purpose.

  • What’s a mind map?
  • Create a mind map
  • Create a virtual vision board
  • What is a Career Construction Theory?
    Career construction theory (CCT) (Savickas, 2005) approaches career counseling and career development from a constructivist and narrative perspective. As career theories move towards incorporating holistic approaches that take into consideration individuals’ subjective experiences, narrative theory offers a means to draw out and clarify this story. Career construction theory, effectively integrates narrative and career conceptualizations to holistically create clarity in understanding what, how, and why individuals author their lives and careers in order to help individuals develop a cohesive identity, adapt within their environment, and construct the next chapter of their career story.
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