The Internship Fair is Friday, February 2: Who’s Coming, What to Expect, & How to Prepare

Internship Fair: Registration is encouraged so we can have a name tag printed for you before you meet employers!

Friday, February 2, 11:30-1:30, Baird Lounge, Alumni Building

Students may arrive/leave as their schedules allow during the event time.

Who’s Coming?

By Sara Cornett
Sara Cornett Internship Coordinator
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Start preparing for your summer internship over the break!

This was first sent out to #Students_Announce over email from Esther Livingston on Tuesday, December 12, 2023 at 5:09 pm.

Thanks to the 157 students who have already started preparing for a summer internship by submitting an Internship Agreement and …

By Esther Livingston
Esther Livingston Director of Internships
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Smart Job Search Tips for Applicants with Disabilities

Finding a job can be tough in the current economic climate. But it can also be intimidating if you have a disability, whether it’s visible to prospective employers and co-workers or not. There are ways to boost your odds of …

By Meg O'Connell
Meg O'Connell
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Reach Career Mentoring – Disability Resource

Website: Reach Career Mentoring

Connect students with disabilities to experienced mentors who help them envision a brighter future. Our mentors share success stories and provide guidance, empowering students to achieve their goals and break down barriers. Join us in fostering …

By Mahak Kumawat
Mahak Kumawat
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13 Best Things You Can Do for Your Career Before the Year’s End

There are 36 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This end-of-year stretch can feel like a black hole for your job search and career. But like an actual black hole, it only seems empty. In fact, it’s packed with opportunities.

We …

By Stav Ziv
Stav Ziv
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Remote Work Finally Let Me Focus on My Job, Not My Invisible Disability

I’d always wanted to work in an office. Growing up, I envisioned a life for myself that had me running off to sophisticated work events, typing away on a Blackberry (because it was the ’90s and those were the hot …

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7 Job Search Tips for People with Disabilities

When searching for a job with a disability, you may find there’s a stigma working against you – even if your disability doesn’t affect your ability to perform a job’s duties. It can be discouraging, but the good news is that …

By Doug Atkinson
Doug Atkinson
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Accommodation and Compliance: Disability Disclosure

Disclosing a disability may be a consideration when starting a new job; transitioning from school, another job, or unemployment; or retaining a job after acquiring a disability.   For individuals who may still be struggling with accepting their medical condition, making …

By JAN staff
JAN staff
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How to Tell If a Company Truly Values Diversity and Inclusion (or Is Just All Talk)

Employers talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn't say they're diverse and inclusive. Companies make these claims on their web sites, in job descriptions, and at career fairs. But how …

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This Diverse Future Leaders Fellowship Will Accelerate Your Career Path—Here’s How

We hear from students time and time again that finding opportunities that will actually help you develop professionally can be extremely challenging at times. That’s why when Lola and Johnny heard about L’Oréal USA’s Diverse Future Leaders Fellowship, they knew …

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