The AI and other tech tools employers want you to know

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Along with the rest of the nation, American business owners are concerned about a recession looming. In a recent survey conducted by B2B Reviews, business owners shared their recession fears and preparations for uncertain economic times. To stay competitive, many business owners are utilizing new technology tools and artificial intelligence (AI). This article will review the B2B Reviews survey findings, focusing on the tech tools employers want you to know.

Business tech tools you need to know

Business technology tools have become essential for streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration, making them valuable skills for job seekers to possess. According to the survey, the most popular tech tools used by businesses include:

  • Google Drive (51%)
  • Zoom (39%)
  • QuickBooks (31%)
  • Square (21%)
  • WordPress (18%)
  • Shopify (17%)

Becoming familiar with file storage platforms, virtual meeting solutions, point-of-sale systems, and the like can boost your resume and let would-be employers know that you understand the importance of technology in the workplace.

The increasing popularity of AI in business

In addition to traditional tech tools, businesses are leveraging another significant trend to prepare for a potential recession: the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). The survey found that 30% of business owners had already started implementing AI to automate tasks and save money.

On average, businesses saved an impressive $4,053 since they began incorporating AI into their operations. With such savings potential, employers will likely look for more ways to utilize AI and optimize operations—and will also look for employees and new hires who are proficient in the newest AI tools.

AI saves employers time and money

Regarding AI utilization, accounting and bookkeeping were the most commonly automated business tasks, such as invoicing and bill payments. Half of the businesses surveyed automated these tasks and saved an average of $4,950.

Social media management tasks like content scheduling and posting were automated by 48% of businesses and saved employers an average of $3,931. Marketing activities like email campaigns and lead nurturing were automated by 36% of businesses and saved an average of $4,824.

Businesses also automated tasks in data entry, customer service, inventory management, sales, IT operations, shipping and logistics, and human resources. In addition, 28% of business owners surveyed said ChatGPT could help keep their business running smoothly during a recession. 

Experience with AI tools and tech will set you apart

AI tools are being used across a wide range of business fields, making AI skills increasingly valuable in the job market. As you familiarize yourself with AI technologies and tools, you can set yourself apart from other job candidates. Even after you land a job, keeping up with AI technologies will help keep you relevant in the workplace, as employees who can innovate with AI to improve efficiency and productivity will be increasingly more valuable as AI continues to progress.

Staying relevant in the workplace

In conclusion, the prospect of a potential recession has prompted American businesses to harness the power of technology and AI to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Familiarity with popular tech tools and AI automation has become a key differentiator in the job market. As college students and future employees, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve by acquiring AI skills to remain relevant and sought-after in the workplace.

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