Alumni Spotlight: Benhardt Christson’19

Benhardt Christson is a successful strategy consultant at Accenture, where he works with clients to develop strategies for market entry, sales growth, and client engagement. He is also an MBA candidate at the Warrington College of Business and constantly strives for more. But his journey to this role began at Berea College, where he studied Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting

According to Benhardt, the demanding coursework at Berea was incredibly helpful in preparing him for his career. But the opportunities outside of the classroom really set him up for success. Through paid internships and opportunities like the Cornell weekend, Benhardt was able to network and gain valuable experience that helped him land his first job at KPMG in the financial diligence department.

In addition to networking, Benhardt also emphasized the importance of involvement on campus. As a Bonner Scholar at Celts and a student manager at Carter G. Woodson, he learned how to work with people, manage teams, and educate others on social issues. He also cultivated a special interest in entrepreneurship during his time as an EPG Fellow at Berea. The labor experience allowed him to develop his interpersonal skills further and better connect with members of the local community by organizing discussions on social issues and offering solutions to help.

When asked about the essential skills for success, Benhardt highlighted the importance of good communication, the ability to research and learn about unfamiliar topics, and the ability to balance work and personal life. He firmly believes that developing these skills while in college will set anyone up for success. While Berea can be demanding, it is also rewarding through various on-campus activities. He advised students to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them at Berea and make sure to list those on their resumes or ask for help from the Career Office. Benhardt also mentioned how important it is to stay up to date with technological advances and encouraged students to brush up on technical skills like working with Excel and knowing some statistics.

Benhardt is grateful for the opportunities Berea provided him and hopes his story will inspire current students to make the most of their college experience and become their best version. If you’re interested in connecting with Benhardt, you can send him an email at or reach out to him on LinkedIn –  Benhardt Christson | LinkedIn.

By Eduard Ciobanu
Eduard Ciobanu Employer Relations Specialist