5 Careers in Tech that Require 0 lines of Code

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With the appeal of the increased likelihood of being able to work from home and a great starting salary, many have started to look to careers in tech. However, not everyone knows how to code or doesn’t want to do it all day. No worries! Tech is so much more than engineering or being a coding queen. We’ve compiled a list of great careers that do not require you to code and have even left job postings from our wonderful Qorporate partners.

Product Manager

Consider yourself a multi-talent? A career as a product manager is a great way to bring your different interests together, since product managers work to bring together business, technology, and user experience.

Tasks: Some of your many tasks as a product manager will be to understand and balance multiple requirements for products, set priorities, make sure the best products are produced, and analyze results.

Skills: Strong technical background, interacts well with different groups, analytical.

Average US Salary: $79,000



Data Analyst

A data analyst is like a historian for a company’s information. They gather the facts about data and relate the stories the data tells so companies can make data-based decisions.

Tasks: Your responsibilities as a data analyst will be to collect, process, and report on data for the business and organizations.

Skills: Understanding of databases and storage, attention to detail, ability to communicate findings clearly and concisely.

Average US Salary: $61,000


User Interface Designer

User interface designers work closely with user experience designers, but rather than focusing on analysis, user interface designers are all about the look and feel of a site.

Tasks: Your work as a UI designer will be to design site interfaces and graphics, do customer analysis, perform design research, and create branding and interactive and animated designs.

Skills: Photoshop, wire-framing, prototyping tools.

Average US Salary: $92,000

Quality Assurance Specialist

Here’s a chance to be nitpicky and get paid for it! Working as a QA specialist, you’ll be expected to find all the flaws and glitches in software and apps and come up with tests to detect them.

Tasks: You’ll help keep the quality top-notch as a QA specialist by evaluating software and applications, developing and running quality tests, and documenting and analyzing test results.

Skills: Independent, detail-oriented, systematic, analytical

Average US Salary: $69,000


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Search Engine Optimization Specialist

SEO is a hot topic (opens in a new tab) these days, but just because keyword mining might be over, it doesn’t mean SEO is out of the picture. As an SEO Consultant, you’re there to make sure that great content doesn’t get lost in the heap.

Tasks: You’ll spend your time working to gain inbound links to increase traffic, optimize copy and metadata for SEO, create high-impact stories and headlines

Skills: Growth/data analysis, A/B Testing, Google Analytics, storytelling, branding, and written communication

Average US Salary: $102,000

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