Role of the Internship Site Supervisor

Once the internship begins, we ask that supervisors:

  • Conduct a basic orientation within the first few days for everyone involved (supervisors, interns, others as appropriate). This usually includes a tour of facilities, introductions to co-workers and key personnel, discussion of expectations, and an opportunity for the intern to ask questions, in addition to providing or scheduling any necessary training.
  • Provide consistent supervision, guidance, and feedback.
  • Provide meaningful work assignments that help the intern learn and build skills. Opportunities such as training, attending/observing meetings, informational interviews with staff, etc. are appreciated and valued.
  • Approve the student’s work hours each week. You will be asked to report the total number of work hours as part of the final evaluation at the end of the summer.
    • Hours can be tracked with the timesheet provided by the student, or through your own time system. Interns are expected to work the dates and number of hours specified in your Offer (also show in the attached Proposal), but not less than 300 total hours by the end of the experience.
  • Communicate with the intern’s Faculty Sponsor and/or the Internship Program office, as needed.
  • Complete the Final Evaluation which will be sent via email approximately two weeks prior to the end date.  This evaluation is required and considered as one component of the student’s final grade.

Questions? Call 859.985.3656 or email