Making an Internship Offer

Step 1: Provide a written offer to the student.

  • Complete the Offer Form (DocuSign) based on conversations with the student.
  • If desired, you can add documents such as a formal offer letter, or job description to the form as attachments.
  • If you’d like to review the information requested in the Offer Form before filling out the official form via DocuSign, you can preview a sample Offer Form here.

Once you and the student have signed, it will be routed to the Internship Program office for review, and you will both be prompted to download a copy of the document for your records.

After the offer has been confirmed and accepted, the student will complete a Proposal Form with his/her faculty sponsor that outlines the academic part of the experience, and you will receive a copy of it for your records prior to the start of the internship. If the internship is an unpaid position, the student may also request funding from the Office of Internships to cover travel and living expenses.