Intern Evaluation

An important part of a student’s internship experience is receiving valuable feedback from their site supervisor. This helps to reinforce and celebrate their impact and positive contributions to your organization, while also providing them with a constructive and concrete understanding of how they can improve.

Approximately 2-3 weeks before an intern is scheduled to complete his/her internship, the Internship Program office will send the site supervisor a link to an online evaluation survey, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. We recommend putting a reminder on your calendar so that you know approximately when to be on the lookout for the email containing the evaluation link. If you don’t receive one by or before 2 weeks until the intern is scheduled to leave, please email

These evaluations are carefully reviewed by our office, as well as used by the student’s faculty sponsor to incorporate into the student’s final internship grade for academic credit. On the evaluation, you will also be asked to report the total number of hours the student worked during the internship (the student should be able to provide you with a timesheet for this).