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What is a career interest community?

A career interest community is a career-focused page for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employers to connect with resources that are meaningful to their field of interest. Each page offers core skills, potential position titles, labor departments and majors/minors to explore, jobs, internships, news, various career resources, and campus resources. These pages are not an exhaustive list! If you are in need of further resources or you wish to suggest a resource that has been helpful to you, please email

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Featured Articles

How Many Law Schools Should You Apply To?

Law school is a postgraduate educational program that typically involves three years of full-time study, and is designed to prepare students for careers in the legal profession. It provides students with a comprehensive education as well as the opportunity to …

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Everything to Know About the Columbia Deferred MBA Program

What is the Deferred Enrollment Program?

The Columbia Business School Deferred Enrollment Program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to have a guaranteed spot in a future class so they can gain professional work experience. After admission, students have a deferment …

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Top 25 Business Schools’ Acceptance Rates & Class Profiles (2024)

Applying to business school is a difficult and scary process. The different MBA programs available to students are unique: each has its own specialization, requirements, applicant preferences, and culture. When starting applications, it can be beneficial to get an idea …

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Want to Excel as a Sales Newbie? This VP of Account Management Explains Why Self-Motivation Is Key

Breena Svetlic spent her college years studying marine biology, which inspired her post-graduation career plans. But as much as she loved exploring the mysteries and delights of the oceans, the pay was less than desirable. When a mentor suggested that …

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The Road to the Prestigious M7: Tips to Secure Your Spot

Who Are the M7 Business Schools?

The M7, short for “Magnificent Seven,” is an elite group of the seven top business schools regularly ranked as the best in the world for graduate business education. Though many other schools also have …

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Career Resources

As a result of a partnership between Berea College and the Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP), each year 1-2 Berea …

Skill Building Tutorials

Learning Cubasis

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Do you want to learn more about Cubasis, the app for producing music on your iOS or Android device? In…

Contracting for Creatives

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Media and entertainment companies spend billions of dollars every year on creative talent. In this course—specifically designed for creatives—professor, contract…

Pitching to Investors

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Find out what angel investors and venture capital firms are looking for in this course by investor and entrepreneur Jana…

Learning Loom

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Learn how to save time and communicate effectively with Loom, the new video messaging tool used by companies large and…

Foundations of Learning Managements Systems (LMS)

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Teachers educate their students. Administrators can assign and grade work online. Users can access content and resources anytime, inside or…

Office 365 for Educators

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Microsoft Office is a staple set of tools for educators, and now includes education-specific functionality such as classroom notebooks in…

eLearning Essentials: Instructional Design

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Interested in taking your training program to the online space? In this course, join instructor Samantha Calamari as she steps…

Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Blended learning is all about the students: combining instruction with digital resources to help increase student achievement and engagement. In…

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Being able to work across cultures is an increasingly necessary skill for all employees. Communications expert Tatiana Kolovou helps you…

Sell Your Novel to a Major Publisher

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
You’ve written a book, and you’re excited to get it into readers’ hands. Selling your novel to a major publisher…

Learning Webex Meetings

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Get up to speed quickly with Webex, the online meeting and video conferencing app. In this course, staff instructor Oliver…

Applied Machine Learning: Foundations

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Anyone who can write basic Python is capable of fitting a simple machine learning model on a clean dataset. The…

Oracle: Customer Service Suite

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
The Oracle customer service suite—known as Service Cloud—is a powerful tool for managing customer service data. In this course, Susan…

Leading in Government

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Many people feel that leading in government is a puzzle. While it certainly has its challenges, serving the public can…

SPSS Statistics Essential Training

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
SPSS Statistics is a statistics and data analysis program for businesses, governments, research institutes, and academic organizations. In this course,…

Exploring the Top-Entry Level Jobs in Healthcare

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Are you interested in pivoting into a career in healthcare? Instructor Christine Alexander introduces ten high-demand, entry-level jobs in healthcare…

Access Essential Training

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Learn how to build Access databases to store and retrieve your data more efficiently. Access expert Adam Wilbert explains the…

Project Management: Healthcare Projects

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Healthcare projects have their own unique set of needs and challenges, including privacy concerns and regulatory constraints. Learn how to…

Entrepreneurship: Finding and Testing Your Business Idea

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
The prospect of starting your own business from scratch can feel at once exhilarating and overwhelming. Before you launch a…

AI in Business Essential Training

Taught by LinkedIn Learning
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we interact with our mobile devices, our healthcare providers, and even our cars.…