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What to Major in for Consulting

Many people enter college with no idea of what they want to do. Others go in knowing exactly what career they wish to pursue. Still, some go in thinking they will do one thing, only to end up switching later …

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Craft a Powerful Essay for Stanford GSB: What Matters Most & Why?

The GSB essays sound like they should be the easiest thing in the world, but I’ve found applicants often lose focus in writing their responses to seemingly straightforward questions. Here’s my advice for getting through the turbulence of “I don’t …

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These Companies Offer Unlimited PTO—and They’re All Hiring

We all need time to unwind and disconnect from the daily grind. Fortunately, more companies are now embracing unlimited PTO, allowing employees greater flexibility in their personal and professional lives. Additionally, this policy can be a win for businesses, leading …

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Effective Leadership: Resolving Conflicts With Star Employees

Star employees are the key to beating the toughest competitors and getting the right clients. Their innovativeness and creativity make them more productive and efficient.

Many high-performing employees are self-driven and sometimes headstrong. While such qualities make them more effective in their …

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Top 10 Questions to Ask During Your MBA Application Interview

Almost every MBA program requires an interview in the application process. It is as much a way for applicants to determine whether the school is a good fit for them as it is the school vetting the applicant. For this …

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