Who’s Hiring? 8 Organizations Working in Partnership With the AAPI Community

Every year, the United States recognizes the rich histories and cultures of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to commemorate the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants on May 7, 1843. As part of the recognition, lawmakers officially designated May as

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13 Best Things You Can Do for Your Career Before the Year’s End

There are 36 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This end-of-year stretch can feel like a black hole for your job search and career. But like an actual black hole, it only seems empty. In fact, it’s packed with opportunities.

We …

By Stav Ziv
Stav Ziv
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5 Ways Women of Color Can Prioritize Their Well-Being at Work

When I first started working in corporate America, the idea of getting my next raise, promotion, or bonus motivated me to the point that I sometimes worked 60-80 hour weeks trying to prove my worth. And while I felt validated …

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How to be a Leader (And Stay True to Yourself)

According to last quarter’s oft-cited CareerBuilder survey, only about one third of American workers aspire to leadership positions.

Hispanics (35%), African Americans (39%), men (40%), and LGBT (44%) all aspired more than the national average. But a 2011 study by …

By Asian MBA
Asian MBA
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‘I wish I spoke up sooner’: 12 Asian American leaders talk career, identity and representation in the U.S.

As the fastest growing racial group in the United States, Asian Americans have had a significant impact on shaping America’s culture. Despite their influence, they’ve lagged in receiving equal access for growth and opportunities in corporate America.

When looking at …

By Courtney Connley and Vanna Le
Courtney Connley and Vanna Le
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Grant Opportunities for Minority Owned Small Businesses

Small businesses are vital to economic prosperity for countless reasons, but often the journey to business ownership requires an influx of capital when you’re starting out, when you’re scaling up, or when you’re simply weathering an economic shift.

Unfortunately, many …

By Alyssa Gregory
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How to Tell If a Company Truly Values Diversity and Inclusion (or Is Just All Talk)

Employers talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn't say they're diverse and inclusive. Companies make these claims on their web sites, in job descriptions, and at career fairs. But how …

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Which Wall Street Firms Are Best for Racial and Ethnic Diversity?

This past fall, Vault surveyed more than 3,000 investment banking professionals. We asked them to rate and comment on their firms' benefits, compensation, culture, hours, and training, among other workplace factors. We also asked them to rate and comment on …

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