3 Tips for Building a Strong Reference List

When a hiring manager asks for your references, it’s usually a sign that you’ve made it to the final stages of the hiring process. So how can you choose references that will help you seal the deal and not give …

By Idealist Careers
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Ask Alexis | Should I List an Unrelated Job on My Resume?

Hello Ask Alexis,

For about eight months after leaving my social services job, I took a transitional, non-career-related position. I was wondering if is best to list this job on my resume or leave it out and explain the gap …

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Tips for Older Job Seekers | How to Find Age-Inclusive Organizations

Landing an interview for your dream role is a thrilling first step to securing a job in the social-impact sector. As you prepare, it’s natural to feel equal parts excited and nervous about sharing your interests, connecting with the interviewer, …

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Forage Roundtable: Overcoming Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome

Students and young professionals face a great deal of anxiety when it comes to choosing a career path. “What do you want to be?” and “What do you want to do after you graduate?” are questions that plague the typical …

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Combating Imposter Syndrome | You Are Who You Know Yourself to Be

Should I apply for this job?

Am I even qualified?

Will they call me back?

These are just some of the questions you may ask yourself when you start reviewing the “qualifications” section of a job listing you’re excited about. …

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Top Three Things You Can Do to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

There are over 673 million users on LinkedIn, yet many job seekers wonder if the social media platform is worth their time. Is LinkedIn necessary to win a new job? Do you need a robust profile to land that new …

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The Everything Guide to a Career in Public Service

When I was 13 years old, I went to science camp. One day, I sat and listened as a scientist described what global warming was going to do to the planet—rising ocean levels, mass extinctions, devastation of populations around the …

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7 Climate Change Organizations You Should Know

Illustration by Marian Blair

Climate change, global warming, and extreme weather events seem to be prominent fixtures in the news cycle every day, everywhere you look. Scientists and government leaders around the world agree the planet is in a state of …

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6 Boundary Questions Successful Professionals Always Ask Themselves

As an executive coach and corporate CEO, I see how personal boundaries sustain success and how a lack of boundaries inhibits success. A boundary in your personal life is an invisible line between what you will and will not allow.

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ARC Unveils New 2022-2026 Strategic Plan During Annual Conference in St. Paul, Virginia

Incorporating feedback from over 1,800 Appalachian stakeholders, the new strategic plan provides a roadmap for accelerating economic growth in the Region.   

St. Paul, Va., October 6, 2021—Today, during the opening plenary of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)’s annual conference in St. Paul, Virginia, Federal Co-Chair Gayle Manchin provided a preview of ARC’s new 2022-2026 …

By Janiene Bohannon
Communications Director
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