Alumni Spotlight: Malachi Holden’ 19

“I love coding because it lets me transfer an idea to a working app” that is how Malachi Holden, a Berea 19 alumni described his passion for coding. Right now, Malachi is a Mobile Software Engineer at Sittercity, a job that lets him materialize ideas into the applications for users. He is responsible for Android applications development, and not only is this a dream job for him, but his input with Sittercity will also help reimagine childcare!

Just three years ago, Malachi was a Berea nontraditional student, and he is happy to reflect on those times. He says Berea was very supportive as an institution, and the non-trad assistance helped him a lot. As a Mathematics Teaching Assistant, Malachi better connected with his peers on campus and gained the necessary work experience at Berea. The relationships built while he was in college were very valuable to him and added to his experience at Berea. As a nontraditional student, Malachi grew to appreciate the balance between his personal life, work, and studies at Berea, which helped him adapt to his post-graduate life more easily.

When asked what are the primary transferable skills that he gained while at Berea, Malachi emphasized the ability to study on his own, connect with people around him and learn how to research to his advantage. Malachi is a strong supporter of self-improvement, so he often went the extra mile to learn more about the latest industry requirements, even if those were not part of his academic load.

Malachi encourages current Berea students to take the initiative and reach out to people from the industry they like. With all the opportunities Berea offers through offices like Internships & Career Development, Bereans should take advantage of these and obtain certifications & attend different conferences. Ultimately, Malachi believes that current students should follow their dreams and aspire for the job that would make them happy and help them grow professionally!

If you want to connect with Malachi, you can find him on LinkedIn!

By Eduard Ciobanu
Eduard Ciobanu Employer Relations Specialist