10 of The Highest Paying Jobs for Early Career Candidates

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When you’re young, it’s hard not to think about money. Money you want to spend, money you want to invest, money you want to share with your family, and money that you want to earn. Depending on who you are and what field you’re pursuing, expectations about your starting salary are bound to vary. But that doesn’t change the fact that everyone still wants to know how much money they could possibly make in a particular career.

This being the case, we decided to create a list of some of the highest-paying jobs for early-career candidates using data sourced from Salary.com. Although there may be jobs that exist in between these rankings and salaries that vary from company to company, this will give you an idea of what you can expect to make in each of the corresponding positions.

10. Accounting Analyst – $56,076

At the top of our list, we have a position that everyone reading this should be familiar with – accountants. Accountants can range from public, to personal, to private, serving a myriad of clients with ranging budgets. For example, you could be handling daily operations as an accountant at Northrop Grumman. Or maybe you’d prefer to support worldwide business leaders as a global finance accountant for Capital Group? It’s entirely up to you and what you love!

As you can imagine, an accountant handling the taxes of a typical citizen as opposed to an accountant handling the profile of a Fortune 500 company will vary. So keep that in mind when choosing your route!

9. Risk Analyst – $59,921

Next up on our list of highest-paying jobs, we have risk analysts who are responsible for reviewing and examining financial firms’ investment portfolios. This includes overseeing international investments and assessing the risk involved with certain financial decisions. One very typical industry you might find risk analysts working is in banking with names like Citi or JPMorgan. Although this is near the bottom of our top 10, don’t doubt the ability to make serious money in a career like this.

8. Financial Analyst – $61,769

Although a risk analyst may sometimes be classified as a financial analyst, the jobs vary in depth. A financial analyst works in banks, pension funds, insurance companies, and a wide range of other businesses that exist outside the financial realm. Their official titles may be specified as securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst, or ratings analyst.

Looking to pursue a career in this direction? Check out Citi’s Summer Analyst position that they’re hiring for right now!

7. Inside Sales – $65,729

An inside sales rep is an extremely broad category just because of how many different sectors they operate in. The reason this may be weighed down is because of the sheer amount of sales companies that exist in our markets.

Although there may be bigshot inside sales reps who are making up to 6 digits including commission there are also reps selling cheaper products somewhere else. A few roles in particular that land within the inside sales category include the inside sales specialist role at Ingram Micro and the sales operations internship with GE Appliances. Keep in mind that the role with BNSF is far more of an entry role, but that being said it could definitely prop you up and give you the experience needed to secure the account manager role with Dell in the future!

6. Investment Banking Analyst – $75,934

One of the more popular careers on our list of highest paying jobs falls in the investment banking category – an incredibly lucrative field for some of the most ambitious minds in the business world. Placed in a variety of different industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, or any of the other emerging markets, investment banking analysts serve a critical role in securing and/or saving money for a wide variety of clients.

One company that is currently hiring for a range of investment banking roles across several cities in the US is Citi. Check out their WayUp profile page to browse open positions.

5. Business and Information Technology – $81,100

Business and information technology have always been a major presence across industries. But more so in recent times due to the advancement of technology within the space. As a business and information technology representative or analyst, you are responsible for the integration and oftentimes management of a business’ particular technology which, depending on the complexity of said technology, will range in compensation.

Looking to get your start in the field? Check out Dell Technologies’ finance and business operations internship!

4. Cyber Security Architect – $105,078

Given the rise of cyber terrorism and the severity of the damage inflicted on victims, cyber security specialists have become a very high-paying job. Businesses across various different industries have enlisted the services of cyber security engineers and architects to make sure their defense systems are ironclad.

Given the fact that finance companies with large quantities of money to keep safe are oftentimes the ones seeking out architects, you can expect to make a large chunk of change in a profession like this. That being said, it does take some time to get to a wage like this. You have to start at the beginning, like at Northrop Grumman’s Internship/Co-Op for software and cyber engineers.

3. Supply Chain Manager – $116,738

A supply chain manager is responsible for coordinating, organizing, and overseeing multiple activities that revolve around the facilitation of a product. This includes the identification, acquisition, production, and distribution of said product all while making sure nothing goes wrong and saving money wherever possible.

In a position like this, you might be managing a supply chain that supports the manufacturing efforts of new products at L’Oreal or ensuring the procurement of jet engine components at somewhere like Howmet Aerospace! Given how fast product markets are growing, there is no wonder why this is on our list of highest paying jobs.

2. Software Engineer – $118,780

Sitting comfortably at second on our list are software engineers. The degree of difficulty involved with becoming a software engineer, and a good one at that, is part of the reason why it is such a high-paying job. Depending on what kind of software you are designing and for who, expect this profession to keep you fed, well clothed, and living great. Sound like something you might like? Check out these positions for a Staff Engineer at Abercrombie & Fitch and a Solutions Engineer at Capital Group.

1. Data Scientist – $135,537

There’s no denying the facts – data runs the world. In this information age of our’s where data and statistics have become currency, more and more companies, app developers, and entrepreneurs of every variety are seeking out knowledgeable and capable data scientists to help them turn numbers into profit. Profits that data scientists are given a large portion of. Take Acxiom for example – they are a company that is run on data and is constantly looking for data scientists to fill their ranks. But IBM is just one of the many employers looking to hire savvy analytical minds for massive paychecks which is why it is one of the highest paying jobs for early-career candidates.

Although salary is an incredibly important factor when it comes to deciding where you want to work, it shouldn’t be the only factor. There are several reasons that make a job the right one for you and it’s critical that you weigh all of them with the intention of doing what’s best for you. 

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