Scholarship News from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, AMBSa historic peace church seminary, offers 5 graduate-level degree and certificate programs as well as a wide variety of non-degree educational options to help students grow in faith and strengthen their leadership gifts. Our faculty members are experienced scholars and mentors, seeking to empower students for a continuous encounter with God and for creative Christian leadership.

Three new merit-based scholarships we are offering for new full-time or part-time graduate students from the U.S. or Canada – whether they pursue studies at a distance or on our campus:

·  The Multicultural Church Scholarship is for students who are serving in or preparing for ministry assignments in a multicultural context and/or who belong to historically underrepresented racial or ethnic groups within the Mennonite Church.

·  The MDiv Connect Student Scholarship is for students who are beginning the distance-friendly Master of Divinity (MDiv) Connect program.

·  The Ecumenical Student Scholarship is for students from other-than-Anabaptist Christian traditions.


Check out the AMBS Scholarships here!


Deadlines are fast approaching! Applicants must have been admitted to AMBS to be considered for scholarships, so we recommend starting the admissions application process as soon as possible. Please encourage those interested in deepening their understanding of Scripture, faith and Anabaptist theology and to grow in leadership through AMBS to apply for our Merit Scholarships by March 15th.

P.S. Fun fact: at the end of this past semester, less than 3% of our students were borrowing funds to attend seminary! As you see from the full list of scholarships, low tuition rate, generous need-based financial aid and church matching grants you’ll agree that an AMBS education is more affordable than you might have imagined! 

By Teresa Thompson Sherrill
Teresa Thompson Sherrill