4 Sales Experts Share The Skills You Need to Raise Your Salary

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Wondering how to maximize your earnings as a sales professional? These four sales experts share their thoughts on why now is a great time to get into sales and how to maximize your pay and benefits in your career. These sales professionals shared some excellent insights on the opportunities, challenges, and always changing aspects of the profession. Though each respondent offered different advice, common themes included mastering technical skills, researching your buyers, and always improving your communication skills.

The two questions we asked the sales experts:

  • Why should people pursue a career in sales?
  • What skills can a sales professional learn to increase their salary?

Deb Calvert headshot

Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert is the President of People First Productivity Solutions. She’s also the author of Stop Selling & Start Leading, the ultimate guide for boosting sales.

Website: https://www.peoplefirstps.com/

Why should people pursue a career in sales?

This is the best time to pursue a sales career! In recent years, organizations like The Sales Education Foundation and The Sales Enablement Society have been working to elevate the sales profession. Finally, there are recognized college degree program in sales and sales courses in MBA programs (including Harvard). What’s more, groups like Women Sales Pros are working to bring diversity into sales and sales leadership roles. These efforts are making a sales career more prestigious, more professional, and more accessible to everyone.

What skills can a sales professional learn to increase their salary?

The best way for sellers to increase their income is to open and close more business. How? By establishing faster and firmer connections with buyers. Through buyer research, we now know that buyers strongly prefer that sellers more frequently demonstrate 30 specific leadership behaviors. Buyers want sellers to show up as leaders. They are significantly more likely to meet with sellers who demonstrate these behaviors. And they are significantly more likely to buy from sellers who demonstrate these behaviors. Stop Selling & Start Leading is the behavioral blueprint for sellers based on buyer desires. It breaks down exactly what sellers must do to connect with buyers and make extraordinary sales.

Craig Jamieson headshot

Craig Jamieson

Craig is an owner and managing member of Adaptive Business Services, a company that specializes in helping other businesses increase their sales. He has also taught classes in sales at Boise State University.

Website: https://adaptive-business.com/

Why should people pursue a career in sales?

Job security! And, sales is the only profession that I know of where you can control your own earnings potential.

What skills can a sales professional learn to increase their salary?

Well, I’m a straight commission guy but I would think that technical skills (email, social, media, etc.) are a huge plus. Having mastered CRM is also a biggie. Excellent, and demonstrable, communication skills including listening, asking great questions, and being able to educate. Do your homework before contacting any company and especially before you speak with them or go on an interview. What can you find out about who you will be talking to and their company? LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Matt Sunshine headshot

Matt Sunshine

Matt is a Managing Partner at The Center for Sales Strategy. He is an expert in sales and management coaching, talent analysis and inbound marketing.

Website: http://www.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com/

Why should people pursue a career in sales?

Sales is a terrific opportunity for those that have natural sales talents. It’s important that you find an opportunity that values your sales talent and will provide you with the training that it will take to be successful. Sales gives you the opportunity to help solve problems for your customers and prospects, while at the same time you will have the ability for significant earning potential. Sales is also a great launching pad for continued growth. While many might enjoy a long career in sales, others will use their sales experience to move into management and/or senior leadership positions.

Marc Wayshak headshot

Marc Wayshak

Marc is a sales strategist and bestselling author. He is also a regular contributor to Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post and Hoover’s Blog.

Website: https://www.marcwayshak.com

Why should people pursue a career in sales?

Selling in today’s market can be as lucrative as ever. I work with many salespeople who out-earn the CEOs they work for. Those salespeople who can be savvy enough to utilize the ever-increasing stack of technologies to get sales are unstoppable.

What skills can a sales professional learn to increase their salary?

There is so much spectacular data these days on what really works in sales. New salespeople will be best served to find a data-driven approach to selling to ensure that they can maximize their effectiveness. Top performers can earn many times what average sales reps earn at the same company, yet research shows that they work basically the same amount!

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