Discernment Checklist


Discernment – Find major/career possibilities that fit with your goals and dreams

As you clarify the skills you excel at and love to do, creatively envision major/career possibilities that fit you best. To develop your confidence and confirm your career path, make intentional choices about gaining experience through labor, service, research, internship, and international experiences.

  • Research career possibilities that interest you through helpful career resources, including “What can I do with this major?
  • Identify majors and minors offered at Berea College that overlap with your meaningful themes and career interests
  • Participate in the exciting options of extracurricular programs on Berea’s campus, (athletics, student government, residence life, student ministries or missions, community service, clubs, the arts/theater and more). Student organizations and volunteer opportunities are a great way
  • Reflect on your meaningful themes and identify significant practical experiences for summer –
  • Target new opportunities through the Labor Program  that will help you grow personally and professionally to gain experience, try out something that interests you and build your skills that employers are looking for in well-rounded candidates.
By Amelia Gardiner Maniscalco
Amelia Gardiner Maniscalco Coordinator of Career Development